I am the founding dean of the Efi Arazi School of Computer Science at IDC Herzliya, a young Israeli university that I helped establish in 1995. Since its inception, students and faculty from our school went on to found dozens of companies, some of which were acquired by Microsoft, Google, eBay, SalesForce, CA, Cisco, AOL, Apple, Facebook, Oracle, and Intel.

In addition to IDC, I was a tenured professor at NYU (1985-1995), a visiting professor at Harvard (2005) and at Stanford (2012), and chairman of the Israeli ministry of education’s computer science committee.

Together with Noam Nisan, I developed Nand2Tetris – an open-source approach for teaching applied computer science, described in a bestselling MIT Press book and in a 2012 TED talk. This project evolved into one of the first successful MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), taken freely by thousands of self-learners over the web since 2005. I also teach this course on Coursera, together with Noam.

I am keen on endearing mathematics to children, and am co-founder of,  a huge collection of interactive games that help teach and learn mathematics. Matific is used in more than 20 countries, and recently won the Codie award for the best mathematics teaching solution of 2016.

I am curious about the general phenomena of innovation and creativity, and feel fortunate to live in a country which is so blessed in both. In 2010 I founded the IDC Innovation Forum, which celebrates and discusses the creation and execution of new ideas.

I am a passionate mountain biker and a certified MTB instructor, and during the last ten years I rode 50,000 km in five continents. I direct executive education courses that combine mountain biking and leadership skills, and my Rides of Hope program for juvenile offenders is described in a TED talk.

Here is a video clip that I shot in a rather wild ride with the kidz in the Judea Desert (make it full screen and full volume, and brace for impact …). Here is another  video clip that I shot in a ride in the Sataff with the amazing girlz in my Geriz group (that’s another story …).

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