Recent work

On Compass and Straightedge, Alaxon, May  2013.  (“על סרגל ומחוגה, כתב העת הדיגיטלי “אלכסון)

Taming Complexity in Large Scale Systems Projects , SIGCSE  2012.

Virtual Machines: Abstraction and Implementation, Proceedings of ITiCSE 2009.

A Synthesis Course in Hardware Architecture, Compilers, and Software Engineering, with Noam Nisan and Michal Armoni, Proceedings SIGCSE 2009.


Recent Projects

Computer Science Unplugged: (Hebrew) a series of games and activities that teach children principles of scientific reasoning. Each game takes a topic — cryptography, compilation, logic gates, spanning trees, etc. — and brings it to life through puzzles, stories and magic (the use of computers is prohibited). In collaboration with the Computer Science Unplugged project of Tim Bell, Ian Witten, and Mike Fellows. Joint work with Prof. Benny Chor. This work is supported by a research grant by Google.

The Visual Computer (Vic): An interactive simulation of a simple Von Neumann machine (software + lectures stack). Provides a hands-on tour of fundamental ideas underlying the design of digital computers. As a side-effect of this tour, one also gains a friendly introduction to low-level programming. Suitable for supporting a brief yet rigorous “How Computers Work” module, typically included in introductory programming courses in university and K12 settings.


Selected older publications

Sluggish Data Transport is Faster than ADSL, Annals of  Improbable Research, Volume 11, Issue 4, 2005.

Standardized Frameworks for Distributed Learning, Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks, June 2001.

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With Moshe Leshno, Vladimir Lin and Alan Pinkus.

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