The Kidz

In 2006 I’ve started a mountain biking club in Mizpe-Yam, a juvenile correction facility located in Nof-Yam, twenty minutes drive from Tel Aviv.

We have ten mountain bikes along with all the necessary gear and equipment, a trailer to haul the bikes, and a fancy on-site pump track. We ride every Tuesday, rain or shine, all over the country. In a typical day we meet at 6 am in Mizpe-Yam, drive about an hour to the riding site, ride about 6 hours, and then drive back, arriving around 4 pm. We typically ride 30- 40 km and climb 500- 1000 meters. If you wish to join our rides, send me email.

So far, 100+ kids went through our program. All the evidence shows that the mountain biking experience has had a lasting impact on their mental growth and rehabilitation. All this was done with the generous help of many volunteers, most notably Gil Geva and the Tidhar Construction company.

The Geriz

The “Geriz”, short of “Geriatric Riders”, is my second family (well, third, counting the Kidz). We are a group of about a dozen boys and girls, approaching sixty. We may be aging, but our buns are made of steel.

We ride every Friday, rain or shine, all over the country. We like to ride hard, we enjoy getting lost together, and we are completely, utterly, and desperately in love with Israel’s landscapes, weather, fauna, and flora. This does not prevent us from riding in many other places around the world. During the last ten years we rode in Bulgaria, Montenegro, Turkey, Morocco, Slovenia, France, Colorado, Moab, Palestine, and more.

My Geri-friend Dr. Raphael Rabinovitz, high-tech hero and photographer extraordinaire, keeps a web site with photo albums of all our rides.

 The Leaderz

A group of 40 executives and professionals that meets once a month for a full-day mountain biking trip, in which we explore and practice leadership challenges under extreme conditions. Topics include decision making under uncertainty, agile management, motivation and team building, planning versus improvisation, mind / body balance, resource allocation, positive psychology, as well as less expected activities like poetry reading, nature worshiping, and simply having a hell of a time being together with fellow managers who face similar problems and opportunities. This is done as an executive education course that I run at IDC, my academic home. (Here is the course web site (Hebrew).