Introduction to computer science: Back in 1995, the Efi Arazi School of Computer Science may well have been the first CS program in the world to adopt Java as a first programming language. Since then, IDC is well-known for training hot-shot Java software developers. In this introductory course I expose students to the beauty and rigor of computer science, using a series of challenging programming exercises.

From Nand to Tetris: Ever dreamed of building a computer system – hardware and software — from the ground up, in one semester? That’s precisely what we do in this project-oriented course. Since I’ve developed it together with Noam Nisan in 2005, the course was taken by thousands of students, in schools ranging from Harvard to University to the University of the People.

Great Explorers: In this general-elective course, open to IDC students from all schools, we follow Scott and Amundsen to the South Pole, discover the Strait of Magellan, sail with Darwin on the Beagle, and blaze a trail to the West with Lewis and Clark. We also follow some fascinating explorations in life science, mathematics, and arts. This is a course about virtue and character, as they unfold in the lives and exploits of some great geographical and intellectual explorers.

Leadership at Large: This executive education course meets once a month for a grueling full-day mountain biking trip in a remote location in Israel. Using a combination of outdoor activities, lectures, and field trips, we discuss such topics as managing stress and uncertainty, containing crises, mentoring, coaching, agile management, and finding the right balance between team and individual objectives.

IDC Innovation Forum: This executive education course is a series of monthly mini-TED meetings. Each meeting consists of four 18-minute presentations about innovation and creativity, followed by lively discussions and interviews with the innovators themselves. Recent speakers included three Nobel Prize winners, the president of Weizmann Institute, former Supreme Court Chief Justice, and some of Israel’s most celebrated scientists, artists, and authors.